Revolutions and Innovations Expert Panel

Revolutions and Innovations Expert Panel

The Experts Discuss Innovation

In preparation for the launch of the Call for Proposal, VWBPE would like to invite you to the Revolutions and Innovations Expert Panel happening on Saturday, November 4, 2017, at 4 pm PDT.

We are living in a disruptive age, where technology innovation has changed the way we live, the way we learn, and the way we interact. Innovation isn’t just a word used by scientists and entrepreneurs, it has come to describe our ever-changing society. This panel is about considering how we think outside the virtual space, and how multiple available technologies and devices redefine what it means to work, create, and learn “virtually”. If you are one that dares to be different, who tries what scares you, and keeps pushing “I can’t” boundaries to “I will, differently”, then you don’t want to miss this event.

The Revolutions and Innovations panel will include innovators from a variety of communities that support creativity, learning, and collaboration.

The final panelist list is still being finalized, so please stay tuned to social media and Second Life notices for the final confirmation.

If you can’t get in-world to participate then you can watch the panel live on Twitch at

Or you can catch the edited version later in November on the VWBPE YouTube channel at

Location: Second Life Rockcliffe Rotunda (map)
Date and Time: Saturday, November 4, 2017, at 4:00 pm PDT (11:00 pm UTC).

Note: The panel will be transcribed, streamed, and recorded

VWBPE VRevolutions is happening this March 15-17, 2018.

Rockcliffe’s Ten in Ten: August is for Playing

Rockcliffe’s Ten in Ten: August is for Playing

August is for Playing

Work and play may go hand in hand, and for educators, sometimes, it’s the best way to offer up learning. But is it game-based or gamified? Find out the difference at three connected events that Rockcliffe is hosting as part of its ten in ten, year long celebration in August.

What you will see

Opportunities to be hands on with examples of teaching activities that can be used in the classroom and to help develop creative and critical thinking skills.  These sessions not only allow educators to see how these activities fit together, but also ask questions on how to enable these types of opportunities.

When and Where to Show Up

Date and Time Adventurer

Enter the game and experience it, while also using the Discord ‘Explorer’ backchannel


Enter Discord to engage in the conversation without entering the games, while also using the ‘lurker’ twitch stream.


Watch through our Twitch streaming channel without participating

Second Life Thu Aug 24 2pm PST Set-up Second Life SLURL:
In Second Life Only
Minecraft Fri Aug 25 2 pm PST Set-Up MC Discord
Text | Voice
World of Warcraft Fri Aug 25 4 pm PST Set-Up WOW Discord
Text | Voice

UPDATE [22/08]: For the Minecraft Presentation, please refer to the following Google Docs presentation that will be referenced during the demonstration.

Both Minecraft and World of Warcraft take some time to set-up. Allow at least an hour for Minecraft. World of Warcraft is a large download (over 8 Gb) and may take up to a day to download on slower connections before you can begin the install process.

Leave yourself at least 2 days before the session times to download and install both products if you are participating as an Adventurer.

Creating a World of Warcraft Avatar

For World of Warcraft we will be starting out with new Level 1 characters for people who have never experienced WOW before.

We recommend setting your new character up in advance. Once you have gone through the basic set-up, we will meet up in the Human starting map zone (Northshire).

Please use the following settings when starting a new character:

Click the Change Realm button to set the Server and Realm before starting a new character.

If you’ve never played before, you won’t see characters here.
Server United States
Realm Norgannon
Character Type Level 1
Gender Your Choice
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Class Your Choice
Character Customization Your Choice
Character Name Your Choice

Technical Assistance

If you have any problems with the following the set-up instructions, do not hesitate to contact Jeannette at tenderskytower[@]


Erudition Conference 2017

Erudition Conference 2017

Rockcliffe wants to see you in Old Sacramento on October 13-14, 2017 for its first annual Erudition conference.

Registration is now open.

Get in on the early bird pricing of $125 by July 10th.

Rockcliffe’s Erudition Conference is both a catalyst and a challenge issued.  Innovation is showcased and encouraged.  Education specialists should examine their preconceptions, boundaries, assumptions, and constraints when it comes to educational design using online and blended techniques.

This conference will engage attendees in interdisciplinary opportunities to gain insights into pedagogical innovation, as well as provide opportunities to network with other educators working with immersive technologies, whether they be web-based, augmented, or virtual reality technologies in the support of learning development.

Join Rockcliffe’s Ten in Ten Celebration

Join Rockcliffe’s Ten in Ten Celebration

Rockcliffe’s ten-year tradition for supporting education, technology and community in virtual worlds has stood strong, like its iconic mountain in Second Life.

It started with a simple mission: to SERVE. In ten years, Rockcliffe has remained true to that ideal: Service, Education, and Research in Virtual Environments.

So this year, Rockcliffe is dressed in silver for its Ten in Ten celebration: Ten months and ten events on or around the tenth day of the month to commemorate the anniversary of when Rockcliffe became a non-profit.

Join us each month for a retrospective into Rockcliffe’s ten-year journey and the road map for its future travels. Be a part of Rockcliffe’s first annual Erudition Conference this October in Old Sacramento, California. Let us know if you are interested, so that we can add you to our mailing list. Don’t miss out on this very special event.

Ten in Ten Timeline

Here’s a sneak peek:

  • February – Early Years
  • March – Communities
  • April – Virtual Libraries
  • May – Inside the Avatar Studio
  • June – Virtual Tours
  • July – Tools and Accessibility
  • August – Professional Certification
  • September – Research and Conferences
  • October – Erudition Conference & Annual General Meeting (Join us in Sacramento!)
  • November – Open House and Membership

Rockcliffe likes to share its successes, and so we invite you to join us for our Ten in Ten. It’s time to come together and celebrate, learn about what we have to offer, and explore the possibilities of becoming a member.