Social Distancing Together

I would first off like to personally thank all the volunteers working on the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference. People from around the world are coming together to make this year’s VWBPE conference something special in a time of uncertainty. This is one of the few conferences that is still moving forward and we are looking forward to seeing everyone during our main conference presentations this coming Thursday-Saturday. Simply go to the VWBPE Gateway Pyxis region in Second Life.

Today we are being challenged more so than ever before. Colleges, Universities, High Schools, and Public Schools are facing a new reality of having to migrate quickly to online methods of teaching and practicing safe social interactions.

Information on how you can keep yourself safe can be found on the:
US CDC Website

Throughout this time, Rockcliffe will be open and available to all educators to help support them in their questions and assist with networking with other educators to get you through this difficult time. The Second Life campus can be a safe place for you to engage in social interactions with your peers while maintaining social distancing practices that are going to be so very important over the coming months.

If you are available to help run programs, discussion forums, or other activities to help others please let us know by contacting us at

It is my firm belief that this is one of the best communities in the world, who look out for each other, and are there to support each of us in the good times and the bad. By working together we can get through this crisis.

I wish for you, your family, and friends to remain safe. Please look out for each other.

Kevin Feenan
Rockcliffe University Consortium