Content Curation

Rockcliffe Library System

The Rockcliffe Library System is a collection of wikis, databases, journals, and virtual resource centers that interconnect patrons with research materials, exhibit displays, and simulations of information. All of our resources are interconnected through the main Rockcliffe Library Wiki providing opportunities to conduct deeper research on topics of interest found through our virtual library campuses and journals.

While the majority of our library and journal content is publicly accessible, some journals and resources may require a Rockcliffe Professional Membership in order to access.

The following service positions are only available to Rockcliffe Professional Members. Professional members can check availability through the Rockcliffe Members Portal.

Assistant Librarian

You can help build these open source resources, in the online wiki or in the virtual environments of Second Life and Avacon.

Librarians keep current on resources and literature, and select publications for the library’s collection. They require a knowledgeable command of numerous information sources to select appropriate material for our library. Rockcliffe librarians will categorize, prepare, and catalog these materials in our main online wiki. Librarians also recommend material, help individuals on how to use the library systems,  and find the information that they need.

Rockcliffe Librarians can also specialize in technical services supporting the main Rockcliffe collection. Technical services librarians work behind the scenes, helping to develop virtual representations of the library’s collection and helping to establish interfaces between various external databases, Rockcliffe’s library wiki, and the virtual collection.


The role of a Docent is one who is a trained volunteer providing educational services for both Rockcliffe members, and members of the general public. Docents work virtually only, within the Second Life and Avacon virtual environment grids, so that they must have accounts in both. The role of a docent is three-fold: 

  1. They serve as interpreters of the library’s collection, helping to give the visitor a deeper understanding and appreciation of the collection and the services available;  
  2. They providing mentoring to individuals in helping to develop digital literacy skills for navigating Rockcliffe’s technical infrastructure;  
  3. They develop and run workshops, classes, and tours of Rockcliffe’s library collection and other virtual environments.

The interpretive or educational role of the docent is the most important and challenging aspect of this volunteer position, including knowledge of Rockcliffe’s virtual environments and how they interrelate to each other.

Docent hours can be flexible in the amount of time that volunteers can be available, including setting office hours or meeting patrons by appointment. There may be time at which Rockcliffe will request specific date and times to be covered; for example, when we are expecting a group of students to be using the gateway or library facilities as part of a scheduled event.

Journal Editor

Editors of Rockcliffe journals have responsibilities toward the authors who provide the content of the journals, the peer reviewers who comment on the suitability of articles for publication, the journal’s readers and community, and the public as a whole. Some of the expectations of the role include, but are not limited to:

  • Collaborate with Rockcliffe management on setting the publication standards of the journal;
  • Collaborate with Rockcliffe management setting the look and feel of the journal both textually and visually;
  • Develop a yearly editorial calendar;
  • Manage the quality guidelines for the peer-review process to ensure articles for submission meet the quality standards and mandate of the journal.
  • Prepare each issue for publication
  • Deliver a final copy for each issue ready for publication on the journal’s website.

Rockcliffe currently has one active journal (The Journal of Virtual Studies). We have plans to expand to additional journals as Journal Editors become available.

Station Manager

Rockcliffe manages a collection of over 300 hours of video and audio recorded from various programs and conferences produced by Rockcliffe and our members. The primary assets include YouTube channels for both Rockcliffe and VWBPE, Rockcliffe TV, and Rockcliffe FM. As a station manager, your role would include making sure that all video and audio materials are properly indexed and cataloged and made available for streaming. The role would also include setting the weekly, or monthly, schedule of Rockcliffe content, and the selection of other non-Rockcliffe produced materials where we have permission to do so.

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