Minecraft Set-up

How to access Rockcliffe’s Minecraft Campus

Technical Note

Rockcliffe’s Minecraft server includes many of the popular add-on software modular packs (also called mod-packs) that allow for expanded use of Minecraft for education. The addition of these mod-packs requires a computer that is designed for running games and simulations.

Rockcliffe recommends that before following the instructions below, you check your computer system to ensure you have at least 3 GB of RAM on either the computer or on the graphics card before proceeding.

If your computer does not meet this minimum requirement, the Minecraft installation may run slowly or not at all.

Technical Assistance

If you have any problems with the following instructions, do not hesitate to contact Jeannette at tenderskytower[@]urockcliffe.com or on skype at Tender_Skytower.


Installation Instructions

Most of these instructions are one-time only activities. Once you are set-up, you won’t have to repeat these instructions. Expect to spend between 15 and 30 minutes to get set-up once you have installed Minecraft and Feed the Beast Launcher.

1 Start by getting a paid Minecraft account, which you can purchase at https://minecraft.net/en-us/ for $26.95 USD, if you don’t already have one, and download the game by following the online instructions.  

In order to access the Rockcliffe Minecraft server, install the Feed The Beast (FTP) launcher here https://www.feed-the-beast.com/.

Do not use the big red download button.

Select from either Linux, Legacy Mac, or Legacy Windows underneath the Download button.

Optional Step: Note that FTP Launcher does not automatically create a start menu or desktop icon. You may consider adding one manually once the FTP Launcher has finished installing


Find the FTP Launcher.exe program wherever you downloaded it on your computer and click to open it.

Two windows will open.

  1. Feed The Beast Launcher, and
  2. Feed the Beast Launcher Console

You can minimize the Feed the Beast Launcher Console but do not close it.

4 In the Feed the Beast Launcher v1.4.15 window, click on Create Profile from the bottom three buttons to fill in your information.

Click on OPTIONS from the top navigation bar.

In RAM Maximum, set it to at least 3GB although 4 GB is recommended.

If you are using a fast computer make sure the Use Optimization Arguments for fast computers is checked.

Note: If you find you can’t log in at Step 8, come back to this step and change the setting.

When you are finished adjusting your settings, click on FTB MODPACKS to go back one screen.


In the FTB MODPACKS section, scroll through the list of FTB worlds on the left side of the page until you find

Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved

(not the skyblock version)

and click to select it.


7 In the FTB MODPACKS section, find the “Recommended” drop-down (second from the right) and select 3.0.1 as the version.

Now click the launch button on the Feed the Beast Launcher.

You may get a box that asks if you want to install the selected version.

Click Yes.

This will pre-load the Infinity Evolved Modules.

9. A Mojang Minecraft window will appear to show you the download progress, and it will take 3 to 4 minutes to finish.

When the program finishes loading, you will see the Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved welcome screen and main menu.

Click on the Multiplayer button.


Look at the bottom of the Play Multiplayer window

Click on Add Server.

You will type in the following information:

Server Name: RUC Minecraft
Server Address:

Click Done to take you back to the Play Multiplayer window



Click on the RUC Minecraft server to highlight it.

Click the Join Server button at the bottom of the screen.



Minecraft can take a little while to load depending on how fast your computer is.

On a fast computer, load times will take less than a minute. Very slow computers may take up to 5-10 minutes to load.

Once you arrive you will be in front of the main Rockcliffe Campus building.