Rockcliffe TV

Rockcliffe.TV is an online video content management system with Flash and HTML5 support for multiple types of devices. Unlike content on other service providers like Vimeo, YouTube, and Livestream, Rockcliffe TV enables us to manage a collection of over 300 hours of video footage from multiple video sources in addition to our own cataloged back-ups.

Rockcliffe TV provides opportunity for us to include password protected video sources in addition to public live streaming and video on demand with multiple channels to cover a variety of topics.

By having our own separate cataloged back-up, Rockcliffe members contributing to the catalog never have to worry that their content will be suddenly deleted by mistake or companies like that suddenly go out of business overnight.

Create Your Own Experience

Rockcliffe Professional Members can contribute video to the archives even if those videos are already published on YouTube or other hosting services so long as the member owns the rights to the video.

New video for publication can be submitted for peer review to be included as part of the Rockcliffe.TV rotation. This may also include the creation of new channels on Rockcliffe.TV as either video on demand or as a time-synced playlist.

Rockcliffe TV

Professional Members can request having video archived and published by submitting a request through the myRockcliffe Membership Portal.