Building Community

Rockcliffe University Consortium provides multiple opportunities to engage in community and academic engagement experiences as service to the education profession. Community-building and networking opportunities allow for learning through exchanged ideas in unexpected ways.

The following service positions are available to Rockcliffe Professional Members only. Professional members can check availability through the Rockcliffe Members Portal.

Community Liaisons

Rockcliffe Professional Members represent a variety of interests including both educational and non-profit organizations. As a community liaison you will be representing the interest of both Rockcliffe and a host community to collaborate on joint projects or where other organizations are seeking assistance. Community liaisons may in some instances take on leadership role whereas with other you would be supporting the host community based on the nature of task and resources available to each organization.

Symposia and Event Organizers

Rockcliffe has multiple virtual environments and desktop sharing applications that members can utilize to create events around ideas that are of interest to both Rockcliffe and to its members.

These one-off events may be one hour to one day. The goal is to bring like-minded individuals together for symposia, panels, roundtables, and general discussions, which can be further recorded and made available through your YouTube and Livestream channels.

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