Membership FAQ

Common Questions on Membership Benefits

What is the Rockcliffe Professional Portal? The Rockcliffe Professional Portal is a private members only area that allows Rockcliffe professional members to network with other Rockcliffe members, request Rockcliffe services, and provides access to member only journals and archives.
What is Professional Training Preferred Placement? Preferred Placement refers to classroom seats which are reserved for Institutional and Affiliate associated members during regularly scheduled Rockcliffe courses. Seats are reserved on a first come first served basis.
What is Professional Training Dedicated Sessions? Professional Training Dedicated Sessions are DCIP training sessions that are arranged exclusively to an Institutional or Affiliate member organization, outside of the regularly scheduled Rockcliffe courses. Registration in these courses are arranged through the sponsoring organization and require a minimum of 20 professional members.
How can be an asset to affiliates and institutional members? uRockcliffe TV provides video on demand, scheduled programming, livestreaming, and video monetization. Programming is scheduled similar to PBS channels. Affiliates and Institutional Members may purchase airtime for promotional materials.
In what way do affiliates and institutional members benefit from Journal Ads? Rockcliffe’s Journal of Virtual Studies has discounted space available for Affiliate and Institutional promotional materials. The number of spaces is limited and are available on a first come first served basis. See our Journals page for more information.
How does the Conference Sponsorship perk work for affiliates and institutional members? Affiliates and Institutional organizations may benefit from discounted sponsorship packages for Rockcliffe’s conferences. For Affiliates with 35 or more members, sponsorship is included automatically. Affiliates may also upgrade their sponsorship perk to a larger one and pay the difference.
How does Rockcliffe define Service as a member perk? Rockcliffe distinguishes between three types of service: public service, community service, and professional service. Certain types of service opportunities are only available to either community or professional members due to the level of accountability and trust required to manage specific assets. These professional service opportunities may also be cited on a curriculum vitae for tenure and promotion.
How is the Digital Course Instructor Professional Certification Training a perk for professional members? Digital Course Instructor Professional (DCIP) training is available to anyone for a fee; however, only Rockcliffe Professional Members have the cost of the five primary courses covered as part of their membership dues.
What is Rockcliffe’s policy on for researchers seeking participants among its members?

Master and Doctoral level students may apply to request study participants from Rockcliffe’s social media and marketing lists even if they are not members of Rockcliffe.

Requests must be accompanied by a letter confirming the study, the School and program attending, and the Professor under whom the research is being conducted.

Rockcliffe does not provide direct access to our mail-lists or contacts. However, community and professional members with an IRB approved letter from their institution may request that Rockcliffe Administration send a call for participants through its mail list on behalf of the researcher.

What types of Makerspaces does Rockcliffe offer?

A Makerspace is a place in which people with shared interests can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge. Rockcliffe provides three types of makerspaces in the virtual worlds of Second Life and OpenSimulator:

Shared Makerspaces – for projects related to Rockcliffe core educational programs and theory development, community and professional members may collaborate to co-curate shared spaces in its virtual libraries (available in Second Life and OpenSimulator).

Dedicated Makerspaces – for community and professional member projects on any subject, which may require larger, managed spaces. These would involve an additional cost, differentiated by membership type.
Rockcliffe Community Village – for professional members, wishing to develop a project or prototype a space for education, advocacy or any other non-commercial, non-profit purpose (available only in Second Life).

Does Rockcliffe distinguish access to its Second Life and OpenSimulator Campuses for members and non-members?

Rockcliffe’s virtual campuses are publicly accessible to anyone for visiting. However, dedicated space, and design controls are available only to its members, with some features limited based on membership type. For example, access to the Managed Sandbox space is only available to the general public during business hours.

How does Rockcliffe Professional Membership benefit my curriculum development?

Rockcliffe’s curricula peer review process has been evaluated against five separate certification standards. Professional members may submit their courses the Rockcliffe Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) and as such benefit from our quality standards that meet multiple certification criteria. 

Who is eligible to publish courses in the Rockcliffe Conquester Student LMS?

Only Rockcliffe Professional Members with a Rockcliffe CRC approved course may published their course materials in the Conquester Learning Management System (LMS). Professional Members gain the benefit of a standardized LMS including student tracking of grades, Continuing Education Units earned, and the ability to monetize courses using Rockcliffe’s payment gateway.