Virtual Sandboxes

Rockcliffe provides four main 3D sandboxes. 

  1. Second Life Campus and Library
  2. Avacon Grid Campus and LIbrary
  3. Kitely
  4. Minecraft

For more information on each environment, please select the General Information link in the chart below.

  Second Life Avacon Kitely Minecraft
General Information Link Link Link Link
Registration Register Register Register Set-up
Rockcliffe Gateway Yes No No No
Classroom Bookings Yes Yes Yes Upon Request5
Sandbox Access Yes1 Yes2 Yes2 Upon Request5
Group Notices Yes No No No
General Rez Rights Yes3 Yes4 Yes4 Upon Request5
Gateway Support During Business Hours Yes Upon Request Upon Request Upon Request5
Community Village Parcel6 Yes No No Upon Request5

1 Restricted hours based on membership level. Public access available during business hours (10a-6p Pacific Time, Mon-Fri).
2 Sandbox is not provided by Rockcliffe. General sandboxes are available for use throughout the grid.
3 Restricted hours based on membership level. Most areas have public rez rights enabled for up to 1 hour. Sandbox allows up to 6 hours.
4 Restricted hours based on membership level. 
5 Minecraft server is currently only available upon request.
6 Village Parcels only available to Professional Members.