Live and On-Demand Streaming

Video media resources available include two kinds: for archival purposes and streaming. All of these resources are available to the general public without condition or requirement to sign-up. Publication and streaming is limited to Rockcliffe Members and events which are sponsored in whole, or in part, by Rockcliffe.

  Rockcliffe TV YouTube Twitch
General Information Link Link Link
Rockcliffe Channel Main Channel Main Channel
Live Stream Live Stream Live Channel
Streaming No Yes Yes
Streaming Access Professional Members by Request Professional and Community Members by Request
Video Archives Yes Yes Temp2
Video on Demand Yes Yes Temp2
Time-Synced Playlists1 Yes No No
Integrated Chat No Yes Yes2
Comments No Yes Yes2
Password Protected Events Yes No No

1. Time-Synced Playlists are similar to scheduled programming in that they simulate a TV channel type experience.
2. Twitch TV retains archived video for 2 weeks before removing the videos.
Any video Rockcliffe retains for more than 2 weeks will be either on YouTube or Rockcliffe.TV.