Individual Membership Comparison Chart

Membership Comparison

  Public Community Professional
Annual Membership Dues Free $50/yr* $250/yr*
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Rockcliffe Professional Portal


Rockcliffe University Consortium Conference

Member Rate

Member Rate
Professional Member Rate

Public Service

  Conference Volunteers  Available   Available   Available 
  Content Contributors Available  Available  Available 
  Copywriters Available  Available  Available 
  Game Designers and Artists Available  Available  Available 
  Programmers Available  Available  Available 

Community Service

  Social Media Moderators Available Available
  Video and Broadcast Available Available

Professional Service

  Community Liaisons  Available
  Symposia and Event Organizers Available
  Assistant Librarian Available
  Docent Available
  Journal Editor Available
  Station Manager Available

Professional Service Leadership

  Curriculum Review Committee  Available
  Conference Committee Chairs Available

International Recognition


Thinkerer Award (VWBPE)

Available Available Available

Community Service Award

Available Available

Years of Service

Available Available

Professional Service Award

Digital Course Instructor Professional Certification Available
DCIP Professional Training $$$  $$ Included
Peer Reviewed Curricula Included
Access to Rockcliffe LMS  Included
Monetization of Curricula Included
Gatekeeper Letter (Research) Students working on Master Thesis or Doctoral Dissertations Only w/ Letter from Advisor Available with Letter from Sponsor IRB Available with Letter from Sponsor IRB
Shared Makerspaces Included Included
Rockcliffe Community Village Included (see Access to Second Life Campus below)
Dedicated MakerSpaces $$ $

Access to Second Life Campus

  Classroom Bookings  n/a  Included  Included
  Sandbox Access  Bus. Hours  7 x 24 access  7 x 24 access
  Group Notices  n/a  1 per day  5 per day
  General Rez Rights  Temp  Temp  By Request
  Gateway Support  Self-Directed  Self-Directed  By Request
  Community Village Parcel  24m x 24m

Access to Avacon Campus

  Classroom Bookings Included Included
  General Rez Rights Temp  Temp  By Request

Access to Video Content Management System (co-branding) Included
  YouTube Included

Access to Live Streaming (co-branding)

  YouTube Included
  Twitch Included

Access to Collaborative Gaming Resources

  Eve Online Included Included

Wow Guilds

Included Included

Access to Desktop Sharing Utilities

  Webex Included
  Discord Included
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