Professional Association of Educational Designers and Technologists

Rockcliffe members benefit by access to valuable national and international resources that help improve their ability to demonstrate professional excellence. Professional educational designers and technologists provide specialization in digital literacies using various disruptive innovations including virtual technologies and just-in-time learning methodologies.

As a Rockcliffe Professional member, you will be working collaboratively with a network of peers spanning a wide variety of learner types and educational disciplines. Rockcliffe membership will help transform the outcomes, reach, and effectiveness of your educational expertise.

Summary of Benefits


Professional members can engage in rare opportunities and recognition of service to the profession in the following manner:

• Become liaisons and event organizer

• Engage in library curation roles

• Become a leader in professional communities

• Receive recognition for service


Professional members can build and participate in professional development relevant to the 21st century in the following manner:

• Complete online PD for CEUs

• Build your own monetized courses using a validated quality assurance process

• Receive special privileges to use the Rockcliffe LMS and be assured of student records of completion


Professional members can engage in ongoing invention through research and development opportunities to prototype or develop proofs of concept without physical limitations including

• Gatekeeper Letters for ongoing research studies

• Access to dedicated R&D Makerspaces

• Special privileges to use Rockcliffe Library Co-curation spaces

Virtual Environments

Professional members can make use of shared technology allowing access to services that would otherwise be limited when accessed on an individual basis such as:

• Virtual Gateways

• Co-branding of Video and Audio content (including live streaming)

• Collaborative Gaming Resources for Education

• Access to Online Collaborative Meetings (desktop sharing and audio)

Types of Membership

Annual Membership Dues


Institutional memberships are offered to organizations which are non-profit / non-commercial purposes, B-Corporations, 501c3 or similar organizations, educational institutions (K-12 and Post-Secondary), and non-governmental organizations.


Affiliate membership are offered to community groups organized for commercial purpose such as S-Corporations, C-Corporations, LLCs, Independent Contractors, and Partnerships.