Maintaining Your DCIP Certification

In order to maintain your Digital Course Instructor Professional (DCIP) certification, DCIP’s must complete the following every five (5) years.

  1. Be a Rockcliffe member in good standing
  2. Re-certify in the four DCIP knowledge area courses
  3. Provide evidence of 40 hours of teaching experience using DCIP principles
  4. Submit Re-certification Application

Member in Good Standing

Rockcliffe professional members in good standing are eligible to apply for Digital Course Instructor Professional (DCIP) re-certification. Members achieving this certification status will appear in the certification registry so long as their membership remains in good standing.

Digital Instruction Knowledge Areas

The Digital Course Instructor Professional (DCIP) certification requires competence in four primary knowledge areas:

DEP2000 – Digital Education Preparedness

VIE2000 – Virtual Immersive Environments

CIT2000 – Digital Citizenship

ASM2000 – Assessment Methodologies

Note that if membership lapses for more than 12 months between when a member becomes DCIP certified and the time of their re-certification, the member will be required to pay the non-member rate to enroll in these courses. Otherwise, enrollment in these courses is included as part of part of the membership dues.

Teaching Experience

Rockcliffe Professional members require showing evidence of using the DCIP knowledge areas in an educational setting. This requires three specific components

  1. Rockcliffe CRC reviewed course(s) totaling 40 hours or more over a period of 5 years; may include previously reviewed courses which have been updated or revised;
  2. Instruction of Rockcliffe CRC approved courses totaling 40 hours or more (including teaching one course, multiple times); and
  3. Submission of at least 5 student evaluations per course instructed

This step can be completed prior to re-certification in core course training.

CRC review must be completed prior to student enrollment in the curriculums to be used.

If the course to be taught is conducted outside of Rockcliffe’s LMS, the Rockcliffe Student Survey must be used to collect student evaluations and included as part of the course requirements.

Application Submission

Upon completion of all requirements, members may complete the online DCIP re-certification application form along with required supporting materials. Successful completion of the above and approval of the Rockcliffe Curriculum Review Committee will result in Digital Course Instructor professional re-certification.