International Recognition

Rockcliffe recognizes that in addition to the tireless service that our members provide professional communities, they also deserve some form of recognition and distinction. Therefore, these awards and distinctions are granted on a yearly basis for service to the profession that go above and beyond.

Thinkerer Award

The Thinkerer Award is granted during the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference in the spring, as a lifetime achievement award for consistent selfless service towards the promotion of learning, community, and educational practices using immersive environments.

Rockcliffe Professional Service Awards

The Rockcliffe Service Awards are in their inaugural year to commemorate the first year of professional membership. These awards will be granted to the Rockcliffe Professional Member who has distinguished him/herself in various activities that demonstrate service to the profession and exemplify the professional SERVE mission.

This award will be issued during the second annual Erudition conference in Fall 2018 in the following categories:

Service Leadership

This award is issued to individuals who engage in the various service leadership activities, and who exhibit the traits of scholar-practitioners with sustained service to the profession in leadership roles and positions of influence within Rockcliffe.

Academic Engagement

This award is issued to individuals who engage in the various academic engagement activities, and who demonstrate and guide others in community-building and networking opportunities that allow for learning through exchanged ideas.

General Criteria for Award

  • demonstration of influence and leadership in Rockcliffe communities;
  • demonstrated active participation in the various service opportunities Rockcliffe provides
  • exemplify the professional SERVE mission of Rockcliffe

The full criteria for each award will be announced at the upcoming Erudition Conference.

Years of Service Recognition

Provided to active members of the Rockcliffe community, who are professional members in good standing and have engaged in service each year for sustained projects or activities (i.e. serving on a conference committee for the entire cycle of the conference; leading and moderating forums from beginning to end of the discussion periods).

A Years of Service Pin will be provided at each 5-year anniversary milestone.