JOVS Celebrates 10 Years In Publication

Rockcliffe is proud to announce the relaunch of their flagship publication, the Journal of Virtual Studies. JoVS (ISSN: 2155-1070) is a biannual publication, peer reviewed, and open access. In print since 2010, the journal is now celebrating its 10th publication year with a new look, a new domain name, a new vision and mission.

Our vision aims to create a medium that encourages continual renewal of what a virtual space for learning is and how virtual spaces can be best used in multiple educational contexts. Our mission is to provide a peer-reviewed multimedia publication that showcases papers and multimedia productions describing research, program implementation, and the conceptual that feature education for all ages in virtual spaces.

The journal is further expanding upon our existing mandate to include additional formats for peer review including video or machinima, and infographic submissions. Rockcliffe is treating this as a stepping stone to expanding the definition of what a journal should be in a modern information age. We are looking forward to new means of combining research with modes of communication that are accessible in multiple formats and available on multiple devices.

Please have a look at our updated publication at