Inside The Avatar’s Studio: In Conversation with Joel Foner

Inside The Avatar’s Studio

In Conversation with Joel Foner: The Lost Art of Quality

Tuesday, December 14, 2pm PDT
Rockcliffe Rotunda (Second Life)
Rockcliffe University Consortium

Host: Kevin Feenan (Phelan Corrimal), CEO of Rockcliffe University
Filmed Live by Metaverse Television:

Joel is a technical project manager, innovative problem solver, communicator and coach with an uncommon array of business, technology and consultative skills, as well as years of experience with software development and technical sales. Joel has managed complex, public-facing projects for a number of the heavy hitters in virtual environments including Linden Lab and Remedy Communications. His track record of successful rescue of troubled projects extends over more than 15 years, accomplished through a mix of organizational change facilitation, management, technical and customer engagement skills.

This month Kevin Feenan (SL: Phelan Corrimal) will be discussing with Joel the nature of change, process improvement, and the social ramifications of virtual worlds used by businesses, educators and governments, and whether they can generate sustainable long-term benefits.

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Monday December 6, 12PM SL/PST Metanomics

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Metanomics host Robert Bloomfield interviews Michael Chorost: Author of “Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human”

The following is from

“Dr. Michael Chorost (pronounced “kor-ist”) was born with a severe hearing loss due to an epidemic of rubella. He didn’t learn to talk until he got hearing aids at age 3½. Those enabled him to grow up speaking English more or less normally, and he got a B.A. in English from Brown and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. His dissertation was on how online environments are transforming classroom teaching. As a basis for his research, he created an online “collaboratory” in ColdFusion and used it in his English classes for four years. In 1998, this application won First Prize in the university’s annual contest for innovative educational software.

“On July 7, 2001, he lost the remaining hearing in his one usable ear and got a cochlear implant shortly afterward. This experience was chronicled in his book, Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human (Houghton Mifflin, 2005). It has garnered over 20 strong reviews from publications such as the L.A. Times, the Times of London, the Village Voice, the Chronicle for Higher Education, and Business Week. It was named as an Editor’s Choice in Reader’s Digest’s August 2005 issue. It won the PEN/USA Book Award for Creative Nonfiction in 2006, and has been optioned for the screen. It has also been published in the UK and translated into Japanese.

“Since his book came out he has written for The Washington Post, Wired, The Futurist, The Scientist, Technology Review, Sky, the Stanford Medical Report, and The Best American Science Writing 2006. He screenwrote a TV special on brain implants titled The 22nd Century, which aired on PBS in January 2007.

“Along with Chris DiGiano of SRI International (now at Google) and Shelley Goldman of Stanford, he co-edited the book Educating Learning Technology Designers: Guiding and Inspiring Creators of Innovative Educational Tools, which was published by Routledge in November 2008.

“In July 2008, he contracted with The Free Press (Simon & Schuster) to write his second book, “World Wide Mind: The Coming Integration of Humans and Machines.” This is forthcoming in February 2011.

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