Wed April 20 – 4:30 PM SL/PST: Inside The Avatar Studio with Pooky Amsterdam: All the World’s a Stage

Wednesday, April 20 – 4:30 PM SL/PST (7:30 PM EST)
Simultaneous live broadcast at

Host: Kevin Feenan (Phelan Corrimal), CEO of Rockcliffe University

Rockcliffe Rotunda (Second Life), Rockcliffe University Consortium

Filmed Live by Metaverse Television:

Kevin and Pooky will be discussing the implications for new media on the social construction of reality and their influence on virtual worlds.

Amongst other topics, they will examine how creative outlets for “media focused development” can influence the nature of how we perceive the world around us.

Pooky Amsterdam believes this is the Golden Age of the Internet, and its goal is live TV and entertainment original production of the. Realtime animation, also known as Machinima, is filmed in 3D virtual Worlds with avatars representing the great genre of the future.

Pooky is the co-host, producer and writer for “The 1st Question”, “Treet.Tv‘s weekly Quiz Show To The Stars and also hosts “The Dating Casino”, a weekly show that explores romantic relationships. Between both these shows she had over 140 shows on the Internet, since May of 2008.

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