SL M.U.S.I.C. 4 Day Event! April 22 – 25


SHARE THE M.U.S.I.C. – “Music Unites SecondLife in Concert” – showcases live music in SL and allows the reported ( in LL survey) 75% of SL who aren’t aware of the vibrant and wonderfully diverse live music community a chance to participate at some of our most beautiful and reputable locations. Around 80 Second Life musicians performing ALL styles of music including covers and original music are part of this 4 day event. SHARE THE MUSIC – invite a friend to join you!

We have MetaverseTV, one of SL’s most reputable television production groups, filming intermittently throughout all days. This event includes Rockcliffe University, Catastrophic Planning and Management Institute, Metaverse TV , Calas Galadon, Dragon Moon, RFYR; DNA Art and Music Fusion, Relay for LIfe, Bits and Bobs, Military Officers Association of SL , United States Military Veterans and more, among its sponsors.

There will be RL scouts and producers who will be listening and wandering thru and we will also have a forum led by Lou Tones with agroup to discuss trends and practices and developments in Live Music in SL and other virtual arenas. This is a serious and broad event which seeks to promote the idea of “community” through music.

April 22 AM Club Horizon

April 22 PM – Calas Galadon

12:00 Funkyfreddy Republic
12:30 Tempiobreil
2:00 Gabriel Nyoki
3:00 TerryLynn Melody
4:00 Chapman Zane
5:00 Voodo Shilton
6:00 Champagne Raine
7:00 Eyesncharg Bluebird
8:00 Dale Katscher
9:00 Javajoe Macintyre

April 23 Rockcliffe University
Drew McDunnough: Master of Ceremonies

9:00AM TwinGhost Ronas
9:30AM Newbawn Easterwood
10:00AM LoveSongs Writer
10:30AM Zed Essex
11:00AM Taunter Goodnight
11:30AM Clairede Dirval
12:00PM Music Oxygen
12:30PM EricSteffensen Mistwalker
1:00PM Karter Stonecutter & Damian Carbenell
2:00PM Lyndon Heart
2:30PM Satyriasis Sheryffe
3:00PM Gina Gracemount
4:00PM Andreus Gustasfson
4:30PM Hazie Moonwall
5:00PM JAMBA Losangeles
5:30PM CraigGore Redfield
6:00PM Jackson Oxberger
6:30PM ReggieSunset Rookswood
7:00PM Accousticenergy Nitely
8:00PM Jammin Nitely
8:30PM Stratus Mactavish
9:00PM Tamara Sands
9:30PM BartAlan Barbasz

April 24 Rockcliffe University

8:00AM Moses Rae
8:30AM Zizo Galicia
9:00AM Bucky Moonwall
10:00AM Elvera Lerner
10:30AM Orangelife Holmer
11:00AM Gavin Zane
11:30AM Red Hot Chili Pipers
12:00PM-1PM RB Hamelin
1:00PM-2PM Shannon Oherlihy
2:00PM Bara Jonson
2:30PM Russel Eponym
3:00PM Jammin Nitely
3:30PM Stevenjaimz Hunniton
4:00PM Montian Gilruth

April 25 Patriot Island

9:00AM Stella Eros
10:00AM Hazideon Zarco
11:00AM Zizo Galicia
12:00PM Dee Timeless
1:00PM Wendy Curtis
2:00PM Strum Diesel
3:00PM Saintless Larina
4:00PM Noma Falta
5:00PM Frets Nirvana
6:00PM Christopher125 Quan
7:00PM Maximillon Kleene
8:00PM Avantgarde Frequency
9:00PM Samm Qendra
10:00PM Stella Silvansky