Rockcliffe Open House: Saturday Oct 30, 11:00 AM – 5 PM SL/PST

The Rockcliffe Faculty is excited to host a special Open House on Saturday, October 30th. So much has happened in the last few months and we have so many amazing things planned for the coming semester.

11:00 AM – Keynote address by Kevin Feenan (Phelan Corrimal), CEO of Rockcliffe
Phelan will be welcoming everyone to Rockcliffe University and will discuss upcoming plans for Rockcliffe including the new sim layout, introduction of new course, forums, conferences, and virtual environments.

12:00 PM – The Changing Face of Education with Nissa Rewell, Purdue University
Nissa discusses what educators are currently facing, how virtual technology can change the focus in education, and whether educators are prepared for the direction education is headed.

12:00 PM – Project Management Forum with AgileBill
Do your projects and meetings drag on? Do you deliver work to your client only to find it’s not what they wanted? Do you find it difficult to plan and hold dates? Join AgileBill Firehawk with Pamala Clift for a tour of new tools for collaboration and planning.

12:00 PM – RUC Law Forum: Issues on a Serial Killer with Randi Hooker
What is the source of this evil? How does one get that way? Have we become insensitive to this..
Should we profile these people?

12:00 PM – Prim101: Introduction to Building with Physicist Oh
This free class will introduce you to the basics of building in SL. No experience is necessary and all supplies will be provided.

12:00 PM – Journal of Virtual Studies: What’s in it for you? with Linda Sautereau
Peggy D. Lee, Ph.D. Indiana University Kelley School of Business, will present an overview of the Journal of Virtual Studies, covering it’s scope, focus and purpose. The next Call for Papers will be discussed with the purpose being to encourage potential authors to submit their work.

1:30 PM – 3D Virtual Worlds for Learning and Training with Phelan Corrimal

Even after four years, educators are still asking the question: Why Virtual Worlds for Education? This presentation helps answer that question by discussing the value proposition of virtual worlds and the ways in which learning in which virtual environments should be used to achieve the greatest level of instructional proficiency.

1:30 PM : So Many Worlds-So Little Time: Virtual Worlds Exploration with Kavon Zenovka and Abacus Capalini
How many avatars do you have and in how many worlds? Business, education and entertainment organization have more options than ever before. Kavon and Abacus will share their experiences in the Metaverse of social virtual worlds and MMORPGS. All virtual world explorers are invited to share their own adventures and an opportunity for new travelers and explorers to learn more.

The session will also include the discussion of the upcoming World of Teachcraft: The Learning Quest at Rockcliffe University. (video)

1:30 PM – Learning Archetypes – the Building Blocks for Effective Enterprise Learning with Johnathan2007 Whitfield

Although not specifically designed as a learning environment or learning tool, Second Life has proven to be a rich resource for delivering learning not only to businesses, but also to academic and government sectors. Learning Archetypes provide learning benefits and affordances that are unique to virtual world environments. This introductory workshop will describe the 11 Learning Archetypes, and identify how they align to different types of learning.

1:30 PM – Making Machinima for the Classroom with Lowe Runo and Dr. Sonicity Fitzroy
Machinima filmmakers are storytellers for the virtual generation and game culture. Documentary, music videos, drama and tutorials can be easily and inexpensively produced through machinima. Learn the basic mechanics, concepts, and aesthetics in transforming an idea into a machinima. Lowe Runo is the founder of the Machinima Guild. Co-authoring the book Machinima: Aesthetics and Practice with Dr. Fitzroy.

1:30 PM – Court Trial – Serial Shrimp Shoplifting with Drug Smuggling
Join Hawc Decosta, Randi Hooker and the other players for a reader’s theater role play of the trial of a serial shrimp shoplifter who is also accused of drug smuggling. The audience will vote on guilt or innocence of the defendant. After the trial, a new homicide scene will be unveiled, with a contest to see which open house attendees can find the most pieces of crime scene evidence. Certificates will be awarded.

To end this amazing Open House, we are please to host the amazing concert:

3:00 PM – Beyonce – The Experience Tour

An amazing tribute to the American R&B singer, songwriter, record producer, actress and model. The top certified and best-selling overall artist of the decade. Spectacular lighting, pyrotechnics, stages and top quality sound with experienced SL performers. This is as close as SL can get to a real life concert. If you only go to one concert this holiday season, this is the one you want to be at!