Monday Oct 4, 12PM SL/PST Metanomics

Dusan Writer interviews Robert Bloomfield: Virtual World Economies

You can watch the show live at Rockcliffe University in Classroom B

In a special treat for Metanomics’ viewers, this episode will feature Robert Bloomfield himself as the guest. Robert has played host to business leaders, technologists, educators and authors, but on this episode he’ll share his thoughts on virtual world economies, games and simulations.

Can virtual worlds provide insight into economic behavior? Does playing a game equate with how we interact in the physical world? What would a system look like that would let us test assumptions about how governments, companies and individuals act?

In discussion with guest host Dusan Writer (Doug Thompson), this episode will take a look back and a look forward:
– What has Robert learned from virtual economies such as Second Life?
– How has Metanomics informed his research and efforts?
– Is it possible to model aspects of the “real” world in a virtual one?
– If virtual worlds can be used to study real economies, is the opposite true? Can virtual economies be adapted based on economic research and insight?
– As virtual and real economies increasingly impact each other, what are the broader implications for policy, culture and enterprise?
Join us for a provocative discussion with Robert Bloomfield as we learn about his experience, research and new initiatives to use virtual worlds as an important site of study and insight.

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