Our services are what set us apart from other organizations. We offer both shared resources and professional level resources, depending on the level of membership.

Access to Open Content: Rockcliffe’s content delivery networks and virtual sandboxes are available as shared assets for both public and private access. Some assets such as our learning management system require registration to attend a course, while others such as mail-lists and surveys are publically accessible to those with the opt-in links or invitations.

Access to Managed Content: Rockcliffe manages content in three ways. The first may require registration to a group list in order to open up features not accessible to the general public. The second may require being approved as a Rockcliffe professional member which has a higher level of scrutiny and standards that need to be met before content can be published (temporary or permanent). The third may require administrative or peer review before being allowed access to publication features.

Booking: Certain assets may require group registration or completion of a booking request in order to use the asset. Additional requirements may be identified at the time of booking. Registration or booking is free and subject to the rules of good behavior on the part of the host and their guests.

Membership: Certain assets may require that the person requesting access be a professional member of Rockcliffe in order to manage content within that environment. See Membership for more information.