Service Leadership

Leadership is a necessary quality in the advancement of education professionals and academics. The traits of leadership go well beyond simple classroom management. Those exhibiting the traits of educational leadership are reflective scholar-practitioners with sustained service to the profession in leadership and positions of influence.

Here, at Rockcliffe, we offer several opportunities for our members to shine in service leadership and influence the direction of major events and programs at both national and international levels.

Conference Organization

Rockcliffe has two major conferences it plans yearly, one in the Spring, and one in the Fall.

In the Spring, it hosts the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education, which occurs entirely online, primarily in the virtual environment of Second Life. The VWBPE conference highlights how using immersive environments can benefit both classroom educational methods and have implications for communities of practice. Those wishing to engage in service leadership may volunteer to be part of the core planning committee or in programs, which offers the opportunity to be a reviewer, a moderator, or a mentor.

In the Fall, Rockcliffe hosts the Erudition conference which highlights how technology is changing education, and innovating practices through virtual and augmented reality for learning, digital instructional methods, assessment, and digital game based learning and gamification. The conference offers opportunities for service leadership in programs and other key committee roles to ensure the conference is a success.

Curriculum Review

Rockcliffe has developed a quality assurance process for its continuing education certificate, the Digital Course Instructor Professional, with a committee of professionals with expertise in instructional design and curriculum development. Their service is also extended to members who wish to develop their own professional development courses, and wish a quality assurance review. To Rockcliffe members, this service is free and included with membership dues. You, too, can become involved in this type of service leadership and help advance best practices and engaging online teaching.

Professional Course Development

Our subject matter experts have a depth of knowledge that they may want to share with others in service to their profession, but they may lack the training to develop professional development courses. Rockcliffe supports this service leadership by offering training and a quality assurance review process, so that our subject matter experts can also provide professional development for their own professional communities.