SecondLife and OpenSim

Second Life and OpenSim provide rich opportunities for the development of simulation, role-play, and game play to supplement classroom discussion and learning. These environments can be learned easily requiring as little as a few hours to a few days depending on the complexity of the tasks to be performed.

Rockcliffe offers several classes that introduce new instructors to these environments and provide the fundamental basis from which to develop course materials.

PRM100 – Fundamentals of Prims

  • The 10 hour course provides new entrants to Second Life and OpenSim with the basics of what they need to understand in order to start developing their own content. The course is designed to bring the virtual world neophyte up to a low-intermediate level of content creation in the shortest amount of time.

PRM200 – Elements of Design

  • This 20 hour course examines the various elements of designing content for virtual worlds. Unlike PRM100, students will be mentored through a series of content development exercises which include basic theory of design, construction, and deconstruction techniques. The course is designed to bring a low-intermediate level content developer to a high-intermediate level.

RPM100W – Building Workshops and Tutorials

  • Theses ad-hoc workshops provide examples of seasonal items that people can create from scratch and/or use as inspiration for their own creations.

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