When you become a Rockcliffe Professional Member, you become part of a global organization dedicated to the principles, practices, and ethics of service, education, and research. Rockcliffe membership shows a dedication to best practices in the pursuit of knowledge using technology to its best advantage. It represents a willingness to guide and mentor others in the development of skills necessary for an information technology / information management world.

Rockcliffe membership gives you an edge with employers, colleagues, and stakeholders by providing opportunities beyond those found in the fields of research and education.

For academic professionals currently employed on a tenure track, Rockcliffe provides additional international opportunities that will benefit your yearly evaluations. For business professionals currently engaged in training and development, Rockcliffe provides opportunities to engage in communities of practice that are not traditionally available in single industry. It also allows business subject matter experts to engage with technologies that they might not normally have available to them.
For non-profit and community trainers, Rockcliffe provides opportunities to network with others in both the public and private fields to enhance services that benefit those with special needs. For librarians, Rockcliffe provides opportunities to engage in open source lexicons and taxonomies which benefit the educational and research communities as a whole.

Professional Membership Benefits Include

Professional Rockcliffe Certification

Access to Shared and Dedicated Virtual Environments

  • RUC Second Life Campus
  • RUC OpenSimulator Campuses
  • Virtual Sandboxes (high fidelity)
  • Desktop Sharing utilities (webex, sococo)
  • Live and On-Demand Streaming (, youtube)
  • Mail-Lists and Survey Tools

Teaching Support

  • Access to the Conquester Moodle LMS
  • Access to Curriculum Review and Quality Standards
  • Options to Develop Open Source and Paid Classes
  • General technical and administrative support
  • Student Records Management

Scholarship Opportunities

  • Professional Networking;
  • Keeping technically current;
  • International peer evaluation;
  • Sharing of curriculum innovation best practices;
  • Collaborative support for multi-disciplinary projects;

Service Opportunities

  • Committee membership (IRB, CRC, Peer Review)
  • Leadership (Conference chair / vice-chair, symposiums)
  • Form Letters of Acknowledgement documenting service
  • Achievement badges for use on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

Professional member receive the Rockcliffe Monthly Newsletter and notifications of upcoming events.

Professional educational courses towards Rockcliffe’s Digital Course Instructor Certificate can be registered at no additional cost.

Beta Membership

Regular professional membership is normally $300/yr.

Rockcliffe is currently in its Beta Membership phase with membership being offered at a reduced rate for volunteers willing to help us proof our systems, services, policies, and procedures before offering Charter Memberships.

If you are an instructional designer and willing to volunteer to help build Rockcliffe, please use the following contact form and we will send you an information package, a new registration code, and the registration links.