First Responders

Provided by the First Responders group, these courses are designed to train people in emergency response and preparedness.

Disaster Team Coordination Training

  • 20 Hours on-site minimum Of 2 hour sessions maximum Of 4 months to complete. All students must be sponsored or accredited by employers or agency.

Risk Communications

  • This course is designed as an upper level course for those in media and public relations for disasater and first response situations. We will cover both those kinds of journalism which are meant to inform and educate as well as those kinds of information which need to be shared but not collaborated with other agencies at all levels, as well as information in alerts and warnings , instances of individual trevail as well as mass casualty and bioterrorist incidents , and instances in which perpetrators may still be among us and the meaning of sensitivity in reporting and sharing news while maintaining factual truth.

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