Rockcliffe’s continuing education vision is to enable life-long, transformative learning. The driving objectives behind our services are three-fold:

  1. to prepare education professionals to keep pace with changing technology as a tool in curriculum development,
  2. to encourage scholastic discovery using proven investigative techniques, and
  3. to engage communities of practice in creative problem solving.

What separates Rockcliffe’s approach to learning is a focus on the social context of what is knowable and how it is applied effectively within a “just-in-time” framework.

This approach is designed for providing improved quality of outcomes while reducing the level of effort required to make informed decisions.

Professional Development Open Source Workshops
Digital Course Instructor Certificate

The Digital Course Instructor Certificate is Rockcliffe’s centerpiece for professionals and non-professionals alike to understand the inner workings of curriculum development.

If you have an interest in developing curriculum for academia, business, non-profits, or volunteer organizations, Rockcliffe’s Digital Course Instructor certificate program will provide a comprehensive addition to your existing instructional credentials. This program is being developed currently, and all courses are expected to be fully available before Summer 2016. Those interested in taking the program will come away with a better understanding of curriculum development that is capable of meeting accreditation standards.

PRM200 Elements of Design

Created for those interested in the development of building techniques in both Second Life and OpenSimulator, this 10 hour series of workshops extends the concepts of basic building with prims.

These workshops extend the basic principles of basic building by looking at design elements including shape, form, colour, and function with a specific emphasis on differences between 2d and 3d rendering and how it influences perception.

Workshops run in Second Life on a regular basis.