Curriculum Review Committee – Terms of Reference

The Curriculum Review Committee (the Committee) is a standing committee of Rockcliffe’s Professional Association of Educational Designers and Technologists (PAEDT), charged with ensuring that Rockcliffe’s curriculum development and review of online professional development courses are consistent with approved processes and undertaken in full compliance with Rockcliffe’s quality assurance process.

The Committee is charged with the following tasks:

  • Review new and updated professional development courses suggested by Rockcliffe members to ensure quality
  • Update course quality guidelines based on data from course evaluations and other program evaluation/research or needs assessments
  • Review and ensure quality in professional development courses developed and offered through the Rockcliffe Digital Course Instructor Professional certification
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors for adjustments to the Digital Course Instructor Professional certification
  • Collaborate with and review any new curriculum recommendations for the Digital Course Instructor Professional certification or any potential new certifications
  • Set and follow specific timelines for reviews and notifications to instructors.
  • Assist in documenting quality assurance process and changes to curriculum for auditing purposes (i.e. seeking accreditation from oversight organizations like IACET)
  • Optionally, committee members may teach and/or develop courses for Rockcliffe’s Digital Course Instructor Professional certification or other future programs

The Committee may grant formal approval of Rockcliffe curriculum like the Digital Course Instructor Professional certification or any additional ones that may be developed in the future.


The Committee will include a minimum of three, and a maximum of twelve, members to be selected from Rockcliffe’s Professional Association of Educational Designers and Technologists membership.

Committee member terms will run for twenty-four (24) consecutive months from November 1 to October 31 of the 2nd term year, with no restrictions on subsequent terms. Confirmation of committee member election to the Committee will be held at Rockcliffe’s Annual General Meeting in October.

Should for any reason a committee member be unable, or unwilling, to fulfill their obligations through to the end of their term, the Committee may recommend filling any vacancies temporarily until the next Annual General Meeting. Committee members starting part way through the year can be confirmed with the approval of the CRC chair and the Rockcliffe Board of Directors. Where the CRC Chair’s position is vacant, the Rockcliffe Board of Directors may appoint someone temporarily.

If no qualified PAEDT members are available to serve, the Rockcliffe Board of Directors may elect CRC candidates from a pool of qualified candidates recommended from PAEDT members. Such CRC members may serve on a temporary basis until qualified PAEDT members become available.

Prior to confirmation, member candidates must provide credentials to the Committee Chair including a current curriculum vitae with the candidate’s work in curriculum development and/or review.

CRC Chair Duties

The Curriculum Review Committee Chair will communicate annually to the PAEDT Annual General Meeting the following:

  • The process for Curriculum reviews / Continuing Education Certificates program
  • The requirements specified in the Curriculum Development and Approval policy that all courses must be reviewed regularly (not less than every five years) to ensure that they are educationally current
  • Reports the amount and nature of the courses that were reviewed and approved by the committee over the past year
  • Survey those present on needs or recommendations for future professional development programs developed by Rockcliffe

The CRC Chair acts as the liaison between the course instructor/instructional developer, and the committee to accomplish the following:

  • Where submissions are satisfactory, the Chair will submit the Committee’s recommendations to the instructor and recommend next steps in the process.
  • If the Committee is not satisfied that the process has been followed, and/or finds that the documents do not adhere to educational policies, the Chair will communicate, to the instructional designer, any changes required before approval can be recommended.
  • If the Committee is not satisfied that process has been followed, after all reasonable attempts have been made to bring the curricular materials into alignment with Rockcliffe guidelines and policies, the Chair may recommend to Rockcliffe Administration to drop the curricular addition, deletion or change, or other recommendation alternatives as the Chair may deem appropriate.

The CRC Chair also serves as Advisory to the Board of Directors to accomplish the following:

  • Liaison between the committee and the board for any recommendations to Rockcliffe certification programs, be it changes, updates, or addition.
  • Directly communicate with the LMS Administrator for setup of approved courses.
  • Directly communicate with Rockcliffe Administration regarding the marketing of approved courses.


In the case of course reviews, three committee members, which may or may not include the CRC chair, will review courses for approval. Where a committee member was involved in the development of the course, he/she will not be part of the review team.

Instructors may appeal any formal review and recommendations of the CRC to Rockcliffe’s Board of Directors within ten days of having received official notice from the CRC Chair. A formal appeal will be submitted online with a specific description of what is being appealed and under what grounds it is being appealed.