The Story So Far (June 17, 2010) ….

Rockcliffe is currently in discussions with the IRS in order to complete the process for our 501(c)(3) applications. We are down to one outstanding issue that we are hopefully going to come to an agreement on before the end of July. In the meantime you will likely have noticed several updates to our web site as we prepare for eventual success in this matter.

As you may or may not be aware, Rockcliffe is unique in that we are one of the first organizations to be applying for 501(c)(3) status as a virtual organization that is attempting to develop a viable education model that will take us from a group of volunteers, to a recognized member of the education community, to eventual accreditation as an institution of higher learning much later down the road. It has never been done before and we are looking forward to being the first such organization to do so.

The IRS has been instrumental in helping us narrow our focus down to those elements that meet the intention of the tax code for such organizations, our user community, and our organization. Looking forward to great things ahead and hopefully reporting next month of our success in reaching an agreement which has been the biggest obstancle for Rockcliffe over the past 18 months that our application has been in progess.

With thanks to all that have been helping make this possible

Kevin Feenan (SL: Phelan Corrimal)
President, Rockcliffe University Consortium