Academic Engagement

Rockcliffe University Consortium provides multiple opportunities to engage in academic engagement experiences as service to the education profession. The biggest benefits for educators and professionals are the community-building and networking opportunities that allow for learning through exchanged ideas in unexpected ways. This is also an opportunity to learn about how technologies can be applied to curriculum development.

Community Building Forum Moderation

Rockcliffe provides multiple forums in its Members Only Portal to engage in discussion with other members around timely topics such as digital literacies, games and simulations, and innovative pedagogies. Those who wish to distinguish themselves through service may become moderators of these forums and help build the professional community and increase networking opportunities for those seeking to find collaborators in future projects.

Content Curation

For its ten years of existence, Rockcliffe has been quietly collecting resources and making them available as open source to education communities, through a virtual library system, as well as a library wiki. You can be a content curator and help build these open source resources as a form of academic engagement that can benefit not just others, but you, as well, in the knowledge and experience gained through the process.

Symposia Organizers

Rockcliffe has multiple virtual environments and desktop sharing applications that members can utilize to create events around ideas that are of interest to both Rockcliffe and to its members. While forums are a wonderful venue for asynchronous academic engagement, those that wish to organize one day symposia to extend those topics, have a rich synchronous opportunity to bring like-minded individuals together for panels, roundtables, and general discussions, which can be further recorded and made available through your YouTube and Livestream channels.

Your networking and engagement are not just short term investments but actively contribute to the body of knowledge included as part of Rockcliffe’s range of interactive assets for yourself and others.