Rockcliffe Professional Certifications are meant to compliment your existing credentials be it in the field of business, education, non-profits, or other associations. Currently, Rockcliffe is developing our Digital Course Instructor Professional (DCIP) that is expected to be completed by Fall of 2017.

Rockcliffe Professional Members are invited to help participate in the development of our certifications through participation in our pilot programs prior to launch.

Every Rockcliffe Professional Member is entitled to complete the course pre-requisites as part of your membership dues. Check the Certification Process and Maintain Certification for more details.

Continuing Educational Workshops in various immersive technologies are also available to help understand various immersive environments and how they are used. These workshops are a great addition to understanding best practices in how these environments and tools can be used in the classroom.

Digital Course Instructor Professional

Certification Process

Maintain Certification

Certification Registry

Continuing Educational Workshops

Pre-requisite Courses

SME1000 – Instructional Design for SMEs or proof of teaching certification

DEP2000 – Digital Education Preparedness

VIE2000 – Virtual Immersive Environments

CIT2000 – Digital Citizenship

ASM2000 – Assessment Methodologies

Digital eLearning Readiness Survey

Survey Form

Pre-requisite Workshops

LMS101 – Learning Management System Basics for Students

LMS201 – Learning Management System Basics for Instructors